New York City for the past twenty years has been a favorable place for Naomi Eisenberg to call home. Within that time she has established seventeen years and counting of experience in the New York real estate market. Naomi attributes her success to her dedication in providing professionalism, market acumen and business sense to meet client requirements and make their dreams come true. As operations manager at Mdrn, she is focused and dedicated to achieving optimal exposure and organization for the firm's agents.

As a licensed agent herself she is relentless in her pursuit of finding the perfect apartment for her clients, and has incredible neighborhood knowledge, having been to almost every building and worked with hundreds of landlords. Five-time award winning top producer, Naomi has a passion for real estate taking a unique approach when working with people. Throughout her professional life she has developed her own philosophy of success in business – focus, persistence and ambition. According to her, in real estate one has to be “on top of his/her game” and constantly on the move to get to know what new properties are available, what developments are taking place and what properties are new to market.

Her excellent communication skills and her approach to business have helped her to develop longstanding relationships with landlords, management companies, clients and colleagues that have led to successful results over the years. It is the cosmic combination of personal attentiveness, good teamwork and the dedication of helping people find a perfect home that gives meaning to what she contributes to the Mdrn team on a day-to-day basis.

When outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and breaking a sweat at the gym.