Growing up, New York has always been a second home for Christina, although raised in South Florida. Her immediate family is spread throughout New York and New Jersey. The magic and energy of New York has always excited Christina.

While Christina came from a family of successful real estate agents who were always an inspiration to her throughout the years, real estate has always been a pursuit of passion for her. She is determined to not only follow in their footsteps, but make a name for herself in the process by forming valuable connections with her clients.

Prior to joining Mdrn., Christina worked as a luxury New York City event planner and a Mortgage Loan Processor. She's worked with a wide range of clients from Sesame Street to the New York Yankees and has hosted some of the most exclusive private events in the city. As an agent, she plans to merge her extensive experience in hospitality sales and marking with her knowledge of the New York market to lead her clients with confidence.

Christina posses a natural ability to connect with others and foster relationships which set her apart from other agents. Her attitude and unique approach to real estate is what makes working with her such a pleasure. She not only listens attentively to understand client's needs, but she also educates them on all facets of the industry.

Christina is also a published author, when she’s not writing, networking and servicing her clients, you can find her experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, crafting and playing with her adorable dog Carmine.