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After Manhattan, Brooklyn is New York City’s most sought-after borough. While there are still certain areas where safety may be a concern, many areas are as safe as anywhere else in the country. Here is a closer look at the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.   Tips for Finding a Safe Neighborhood in Brooklyn  1. Visit the … Read more

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New York City is known for its exorbitant housing prices. Rent regulation legislation is meant to keep the market from getting out of control, but finding rent-stabilized apartments in NYC can be challenging.  The limited supply and high demand for housing in NYC create prime conditions for landlords who want to raise prices as high … Read more

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The Upper East and West side of Manhattan are two of the most prestigious neighborhoods in New York City. However, while both areas feature gorgeous homes and prestigious cultural institutions, there is a common debate about which is better. Here is a look at the Upper West Side vs. the Upper East Side to help … Read more

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