Easily identifiable as Manhattan’s most popular neighborhood sits roughly along West 14th Street south to Gansevoort Street, and from the Hudson River east to Hudson Street.

Recently, the neighborhood has begun to extend north up to West 16th street. As the name implies, the Meatpacking District began as an industrial area filled primarily with packing facilities for meat, dairy, and produce. Starting around the 1990s, the area underwent an extensive transformation. Young professionals began moving in and high-end boutiques and other businesses began opening up shop.

Real estate in Meatpacking District has grown extensively with the addition of several new condominium buildings. Meatpacking District residential properties are becoming even more valuable with the number of diverse attractions and parks in the area. The neighborhood is very unique in the sense that it is one of the most well rounded areas to live in Manhattan.

The Meatpacking District is home to the first section of the High Line linear park. This is an abandoned railroad track that has been repurposed as a lush garden. For more information regarding real estate in Meatpacking District, contact the Mdrn. team today.