Lower East Side

The Lower East Side, often abbreviated as “LES,” is a community-structured neighborhood located in the southeastern area of Manhattan between Bowery and East River, and Canal Street and Houston Street.

Lower East Side and East Village used to be one neighborhood until the area above Houston Street began to transform into a different culture than the Lower East Side. Since the 2000s, East Village’s notoriety has spread back into Lower East Side, leading to a boom of upscale boutiques, restaurants and well-priced dive bars.

Real estate in Lower East Side has also flourished, as property values have continued to increase steadily within the last decade. With the addition of the Blue condominium on Norfolk Street, the exclusive Hotel on Rivington, and several new luxury condominiums being constructed on Houston, this area is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in Manhattan.

Lower East Side real estate development and renovation is ongoing with glimpses of a bright future for the neighborhood. If you are contemplating living in the Lower East Side, now is the time to act. Call the real estate experts at Mdrn. to discover available properties in the area.