Gramercy Park

Gramercy is a quiet residential neighborhood located between East 20th Street and East 21st Street. The area is known for Gramercy Park, which is a beautifully maintained private park, only one of two in New York City.

The neighborhood is one of the safest and quietest in the city, leaving real estate in the area in high demand. The Victorian architecture complements the traditional landscaping that decorates the streets and homes. It is hard to believe such a beautiful community was once in the middle of a swamp.

Properties in the area boast some of the biggest backyards in the city as well as a wide range of different sized apartments and condos that are a bit more flexibly priced. Still, values in this area have remained at a steady incline as more people flock to this gorgeous area. If you are thinking of calling Gramercy your home, contact the team at Mdrn. We are happy to show you the available Gramercy properties on the market.