Bushwick is a neighborhood that is currently in transition from a working-class area to a hip, artistic young community with exceptional diversity. It is located between Flushing Avenue, Broadway, Queens, and the Cemetery of the Evergreens.

Above Flushing Avenue, you may hear some locals refer to the area by its unofficial name, “Industrial Bushwick.” Residences in Bushwick consist of family apartment buildings and townhomes that, for Brooklyn, are incredibly affordable.

Recently, there has been a big push to renovate and improve the neighborhood, which has increased property values in the area within the last decade. Many young professionals have begun to move into the area and renovate warehouses into trendy modern lofts, leading to a Bushwick real estate revolution.

If you are interested in available Bushwich apartments make sure to contact a member of our Mdrn. team right away. Now is the time to invest in this up-and-coming neighborhood.