Finding a place to live can often be a difficult and intimidating process. For this reason, Billie makes sure to walk her clients through the process step by step, while also making the experience enjoyable. Her eye for detail and her love for helping others will ensure a sense of confidence in her clients.

Born in Croatia, on the beautiful Adriatic Coast, she graduated with honors from the University of Belgrade’s School of Medicine, where she then went on to serve as a physician in Serbia as well as Germany. Often providing free medical treatment to her patients, Billie was eager to volunteer her time and expertise. This is because she is a strong believer that one can find true happiness in helping others.

Billie has always loved her work and has served many roles in her lifetime, working as a general practitioner, nutritionist, life coach and cosmetic surgeon in the United States and across Europe. Despite this, family has always come first in her book. When her daughters were born, she put her career on hold, playing an active role in their upbringing and trying to make her family’s two-bedroom apartment truly feel like a home. She understands that some of the best memories in life are made at home and that our homes are a space where we can feel safe and loved. For this reason, she is dedicated and works tirelessly to make sure her clients find their own place to call home.

Since moving to America 24 years ago, Billie has lived in various areas of New York City, including the Upper West Side and the Financial District. Today she lives with her family in Greenwich Village on Fifth Avenue, just a short walk from Washington Square Park. She continually seeks to explore different parts of the city and immerse herself in its diverse culture.

In her free time, Billie enjoys taking walks along the Highline, sailing, fishing with her family and going on long drives with her husband to look at new properties.