Born in South America, Marcia spent a large part of her life in Europe where she worked, traveled and lived in Iceland and Germany. Marcia emerged from humble beginnings but grew up to become the talented, ambitious, determine, strong-willed woman she is today.

Marcia worked in the airline and education industry before finding her true passion: real estate. Her international and global experience fit perfectly with her chosen career and help her to assist a vast array of clientele.

Success came naturally. Marcia continues to grow and successfully navigate the real estate market especially for her international clientele. Marcia’s diverse background is one of the reason she connects so readily with clients and gets them to the closing table, whether they hail from the U.S., South America, Europe or Africa. She understands and respects the unique differences of each country and each culture and addresses the individual needs and wants of her domestic and international clientele.

Marcia’s clients appreciate her only get the best results approach while using the best resources to get the most satisfying results to make sure she meets and exceeds her clients needs.

If you want to work with a real estate professional who will connect with you and give you 100 percent of her time from the first contact to get you to acquiring your next home, give Marcia a call or email. You can count on her using all the best resources available to her to get you a great deal and get it done!