Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt to Egyptian and Italian parents, Ramy started his professional career studying accounting at a top University. After completing his degree, Ramy traveled to Holland, Korea, Japan, and France before settling in New York City. His first ten years in the city were spent exploring every neighborhood and working a career as a manager in the hospitality industry.

Sensing his knack for being able to connect with clients, Ramy soon ventured into the real estate industry. His four years as an agent have been successful, with him closing up to 10 rental deals in Manhattan each month. He is now specializing in Manhattan and is venturing into the New Jersey market as well.

Ramy is quad-lingual, speaking English, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. In his free time, he wanders his neighborhood of Midtown with his wife and daughter. He is also still an avid traveler, with his sights on Taiwan in the near future.