Five traits you can count on when working with Roxanne are integrity, commitment, passion, style, and fun! These qualities are essential in a professional partner who can guide you, advise you, and make the real estate process seamless.

Mentored by the most highly-acclaimed real estate coaches in the industry, Roxanne is committed to a full-time career in residential sales and rentals, and ready to guide you through one of life's most significant stages – owning your own home.

A native of the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, a cosmopolitan country with mixed races, religions, and ethnicities, she exudes the unique and warm charter of her people. It is this heritage which has shaped Roxanne’s exceptional ability to interact with others harmoniously and easily determine the needs and goals of individuals from all walks of life.

With an intense background in sales and customer service of nearly 20 years, Roxanne has owned various businesses and proven her exceptional ability to implement cutting-edge marketing strategies. She also brings firm ethics, proven experience, insightful expertise, and of course customer satisfaction to the table. Quite simply, she is trusted for her character and capabilities.

By taking the leap from owning and operating retail companies to real estate, Roxanne found success at a higher level and a passion for a different genre of sales. Having traveled the world often to build relationships with the international business community has allowed her to keep up with global trends.

When not working one on one with a client, Roxanne enjoys dining at her favorite restaurants, traveling, and cherishes time with her family and friends.